2 Simple Ways To Pregnancy Test at Home Without Kit Proved Successful

Making your own pregnancy test at home without kit you should know that there, Are plenty of ways to do so some techniques are more difficult than others but none are overly complicated.

So how do they work well these pregnancy tests are capable of detecting the human chorionic gonadotropin hormone inside of the urine if this hormone is present you can confirm positively that you are indeed pregnant.

in these Article you will be able to discover some of the best ways to create your own natural pregnancy test number one homemade pregnancy test with sugar.

Pregnancy Test at Home Without Kit this is considered as one of the most reliable and easiest of the DIY pregnancy testers it is a common kitchen ingredients which makes the cost-effective homemade pregnancy tester this pregnancy test was mostly used in the earlier days think you will need..

1. Pregnancy test with sugar

Things you need to do when you get up in morning the first thing you need to do is to collect your urine in a bowl, now take 1 tablespoon of sugar in a bowl for a prop 1 tablespoon of urine on the sugar in the bowl please for a few minutes to observe their reaction of sugar in the urine if you find that the sugar has dissolved in the urine that means that you are not pregnant, if you find that the sugar has clumped up in the urine then the result is positive and you are pregnant.

The presence of the HCG hormone in the urine does not allow the sugar to get dissolved in the urine note follow this process in the morning after you get up from the bed to get more accurate result

2. Pregnancy test with toothpaste

Another homemade pregnancy test can be done with the help of toothpaste, it is an easily found ingredient for this test a small amount of toothpaste can take your excitement to another level in few minutes things you will need

  • Plain toothpaste a small amount
  • Urine as for the quantity of the toothpaste
  • a small bowl
    Things you need to do take a small amount of toothpaste in a bowl add the urine to the toothpaste, The toothpaste may turn blue or may become frothy which means that the result is positive.

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    So now you have two different pregnancy test at home without kit that work all these tests are tried and tested ones and hence you can depend on them without any doubt please do drop in a few words about how this article has helped you if want to know more homemade pregnancy.

Reference: Home Remedies By JD Youtube Channel

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