Breastfeeding Positions for Premature Babies

Breastmilk is the ideal food for your baby. But if your baby was very premature, How breastfeeding positions for premature babies

Breastfed have about 20% more white matter in their brain and white matter is the part that is important for narrow regulation and your of communication so human milk doesn’t just protect the baby from disease and illness but it’s also going to help them achieve the best possible health and developmental baby.

Your premature baby can suckle with methode kangaroo care can be a great way to help him get comfortable with skin-to-skin contact. It can also help you to produce more milk.

Next you can watch the video breastfeeding positions for premature babies

This is me breastfeeding positions for premature babies my 3 day old daughter. She nursed like a champ! Her very first time nursing She lied on first try and gulped and gulped. She was born weighing 5lbs 5oz …. she is perfect in my eyes! I recommend any mom nurse your baby if your able to breastfeeding positions for premature babies. The bind is amazing!

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for a mother to do is to really empower herself she needs to do her research and she needs to get well informed so that if she has a preterm baby or a baby that’s in a NICU for another reason she needs to be her own best advocate.

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