Wedding Gift Ideas for Parents and Friends

Appropriate Wedding Gift Ideas for Parents and Friends

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Whether you are bride or groom, let me say congratulations! Wedding is such a beautiful moment in your life that will happen once in a lifetime. So, there are so many things that you have to prepare. Wedding dress? Check! Tuxedo? Check! Wedding invitation? Check! The church to hold the ceremony? Check! How about wedding gifts for everyone who will attend to your wedding? Your parents and your friends will be there at your happiest moment of your life. You should take an appreciation to everyone who always by your side, which are your parents and your friends. Consider these wedding gift ideas for parents and friends, the gift is a small token of your appreciation and respect to them and for the wedding day. Don’t forget for all the love and support that they give to you, you should thinking and consider wedding gift ideas for parents and friends.

  1. Scrapbook

Let’s reminiscence those good old days with scrapbook! Maybe you already have a scrapbook which made by your parents. Now, it’s your time to give the scrapbook to them. Go find your old photos when you were baby until you grow up beautifully and print it to the scrapbook. Don’t forget to fill in with sentimental quote such as “my first walk”, “my first birthday”, “you are my everything”, or “thank you for take care of me all this time” in the photos. This scrapbook will be the most treasured gift ever for your parents as they are looking at those old photos while reminiscence everything about you from baby until you get marry soon! The scrapbook can be one of wedding gift ideas for friends. Make sure your friends get one!

  1. Tree

Tree is one of the anti-mainstream wedding gift ideas for parents and friends. But this will be fit for one of best wedding gift ideas for parents. Because as you establish your own roots, it’s good to give your mom and dad something which symbolize your relationship with them which is tree. Tree can symbolize the strong foundation of strength, wisdom, and endurance they provided for you since day one. You don’t have to give them a big tree, it can be a miniature for now. You can get a small tree with 16 inch tall. When it well-planted, it will grow beautifully and your parents will always remember your special day every time they look at the tree.

  1. Handwritten Letter Box

Maybe this idea is a must gift that your parents and friends should. At least once in your life write even a short letter to your important people which are your parents and friends on the wedding day. Tell them that you feel grateful to have them in your life through the ups and downs. Don’t forget to say sorry for the mistake that you have done in the past. You can hire a graphic designer to make a beautiful letter but it’s more personal and more touching if you write the letter with your own handwriting. You can put them in a beautiful envelope or in a box.

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  1. Customized pillow

Pillow is a useful wedding gift for parents ever. Because pillow is something that always we need in our bed. You can customize the pillow with your parents’ or friends’ photo or a picture that describe them well. The customized pillow can be an accessory in the living room couch. You can find someone who can customize everything from pillow, case, t-shirt, tumbler everywhere. The customized stuff is also a personal gift you can give to someone ever.

That’s 4 wedding gift ideas for parents and friends you can purchase.

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