Wedding Dinner Ideas with limited budget

Perfect Wedding Dinner Ideas with limited budget

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Wedding is one of most wonderful and awaited moments. However, sometimes arranging a wedding becomes a difficult thing too. Some couple commonly prefers hiring a wedding organizer to help them arranging their wedding, such as wedding ceremony, wedding exit, wedding decoration, wedding dinner, and many more. Wedding dinner is one of important thing in arranging a wedding. In preparing wedding dinner, there are a lot of things that must be considered. Foods, drinks, and guests’ table are important that must be prepared well. Wedding guest commonly hope for delicious drink and food when attending a wedding. Therefore, here we provide you wonderful wedding dinner ideas on budget which are very inspiring for your wedding.

1. Food

The most important thing for dinner is food! In arranging wedding dinner, people commonly will serve three kinds of food, appetizer, entrée, and dinners. If you hire a wedding organizer, they surely will help you by giving a lot of wedding reception food ideas on a budget. However, if arranging your wedding alone, we will provide you some menu for your wedding food ideas on a budget.

  • Appetizer

For wedding dinner, people commonly serve the guests with fruit or vegetable salad. However, they also sometimes server protein appetizer like chicken wings, egg, meatballs or sushi. To make it simple and cheaper, you can serve the guests with some snacks such as chips, popcorn, finger foods, or nuts which is really easy to be prepared.

  • Entrée

For entrée or well knows as main course for wedding dinner, there commonly will be some choices of entrée menu for the guests. The guests commonly will have different taste of foods, so two or three entrée menu will be served on wedding dinner. In serving the entrée, people frequently serve some food such as mashed potato, steak, chicken parmesan, or pasta.

  • Dessert

Dinner would be incomplete if you are not serving the entrée without desert. In wedding dinner, you can serve the guests with some sweet foods. You can choose some kind of cakes like pies, brownies, cup cake, or cookies. Otherwise, you can choose other sweet desserts like pudding, ice cream, chocolate, and many more.

2. Drinks

For drinks, you can serve the guests with some fresh fruit juice or smoothies, such as orange, strawberry, melon, or others along with the entrée. If you want to serve some alcohol beverages, you can serve them with wine and beer. Therefore, you do not need to spend much money for the liquor. However, if you want to serve the guests with liquor, you better to serve only one jenis.

3. Table Decoration

Beside food and drinks, guests’ table is another important thing that must be prepared in wedding dinner. Before decorating the table, first all you have to do is selecting a theme for your wedding. After you’ve got a theme, start decorating the table relating with the theme. You can put some accessories like flowers, ribbon, candle or anything on the table. To minimize the budget, you can decorate it simply by decorating it with white fabric and flowers on the table. It will surely give a simple yet elegant looks!

ideas of limited budget can also be applied on Small Intimate Wedding

Those are simple wedding menu ideas for you. However, for you who want to spend more few budgets, you can serve the guest with buffet dinner or family style dinner instead of sit-down dinner. You can choose some simple food like salad, for the wedding menu ideas buffet. You can also serve the guests with the food station, such as pasta station, cupcake station, taco station and others. If you are confused arranging buffet dinner, ask your wedding organizer or friends for wedding reception food station ideas. Good luck and have a wonderful wedding!

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