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Surprise Wedding Ideas for the Guests

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Surprise wedding should be one choice for some couple. Actually, there are some couple who probably want to have such a big and cheerful party to commemorate the wedding, but some couple choose a different way. They might decide to have a surprise wedding. Surprise wedding ideas actually the same as the usual wedding party. However, you can take several examples for a surprise wedding, whether it is for your friends or only for your bride. When it is for your friend, you have to prepare several important things to make your wedding well organized.

Wedding Surprise Preparation

First, just the same with when you are preparing your wedding, you have to prepare all things. The date, the invitation, the foods, the place and your wedding gown and tuxedo are the things that you have to prepare. You have to prepare your things before you invite your friends or colleague. Then, do not forget to tell your parents to avoid their bitter feeling when you also give them a surprise, but make sure they will keep it as secret from the other. Organizing a surprise wedding is not a difficult thing as long as you are ready with all the things that you have to prepare. It would be better for you to prepare all things a month before the wedding.

How to prepare all the things related with the surprise wedding ideas? Actually, you only need to do the similar preparation like when your friends prepare their wedding. For the example, you have to choose the date. This deals with you and your couple. You can choose and consider the date as long as it is really your deal with your couple. Then, about the place, you can prepare your backyard as well as your wedding ceremony place. You also have to prepare the favor and the foods as well. Do not forget to prepare the entertainment such as live music in your wedding party too. It will make your wedding party becomes interesting and avoid your guests become boring. This is how you manage your surprise wedding party.

Then, you can make the invitation is only a party invitation, in which your colleague and friends will not think that this is a wedding invitation. Therefore, they will still think that it would be only a party. After that, when your guests already come to your party, announce to them that this is a wedding party. You can prepare first how to announce a surprise wedding party that you prepare. For example, you can suddenly come up with the priest and ready for the wedding with your bride. Then, the guests will be surprised with your event.

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When you already finish the wedding procession, your friends who were shocked about your surprise wedding perhaps will show their reaction about your wedding. Maybe, they will feel sorry because they do not know about anything. Some of them might also feel sorry because they do not prepare any gift. Then, this is the right time to explain why you and your couple decide to have a surprise wedding party. Tell them that you and your couple do not want to have such a crowded party and want to make it in peace, so that you and your couple choose this way. Do not forget to ask them that you still want to share the moment with them, so that you invite them in your simple and surprise wedding. Thus, that would be a great thing when you prepare it well and explain it well for your guests. That is all for you. Hope you success with your surprise wedding plan.

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