Small Intimate Wedding Ideas

Small Intimate Wedding Ideas You Can Try

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Having a small wedding? Why not! Small intimate wedding is the hottest trend nowadays. If you choose to have a small wedding and wonder what are small intimate wedding ideas, maybe you should that there are some advantages to have small intimate wedding, which are:

  1. You can celebrate one of your biggest and happiest days of your life with the people who love you and stand by you since a long time ago. The wedding atmosphere will be more touching if you celebrate wedding with your family and your best friends. Based on the survey, the couples says that it is one of the best things about having a small wedding.
  2. You can save more money. Marry is not about having the most spectacular wedding ever but you have to pay everything in your life with your own money not with your parents’ money anymore. You can save thousands of dollars if you have a small wedding. It means that you wouldn’t go over your wedding budget. The rest of the money can be used for house, car, or to pay other bills.
  3. You can splurge. Because wedding will be your happiest and biggest moment of your life, you want everything to be as good as possible. For some couples choosing a small guest list doesn’t mean that their budget are small but because they want to spend their money in another thing. You can have a luxurious wedding and get more ‘wow’ with a small wedding. You can splurge on the things that really important to you such as food, wedding gown, souvenirs, or band.
  4. Relax on your wedding day. When you are surrounded by your family and friends, you will feel more at home with the guests. You can feel more relaxed because your wedding will feel more like a celebration with your family and close friends.
  5. More free. Because you have a small wedding, it means that you will have more freedom to customize your wedding. A small wedding gives you the opportunity to be as creative as you can and make your unique wedding according to your own taste or according to a reflection of the two of you.

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Below are some small intimate wedding ideas you can consider!

  1. Backyard wedding

If you have a backyard in your house why you don’t use it as your wedding venue? It’s free, small, simple, and meaningful!  Backyard or garden wedding is perfect for the two of you who don’t want to have a traditional stuff in your wedding. Backyard or garden wedding is really perfect for you who really want the wedding day to feel like an intimate occasion with close family and friends. Because it is a small wedding in the backyard, the prefect wedding dress which suitable with the venue is just simple wedding dress. The guest can also wear simple dress that fit with the vibe in the backyard. For food and beverage, you can choose traditional food and simple drink such as tea, coffee, or maybe wine.

  1. Floral wedding

Just like the name itself, your wedding day will be filled with flower! You can rent a coffee shop or cafe for wedding venue. If there is a coffee shop or cafe with floral interior or maybe shabby chic interior, you can choose it as the venue. Floral wedding is one of the most used small intimate wedding ideas. Because the flower will make the wedding day looks elegant, calm, intimate yet serious and meaningful wedding day. The bride can wear a wedding dress with lace. The bride maids and female guest can wear floral dress.

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