Outdoor Country Wedding Ideas

Outdoor Country Wedding Ideas and All the Things You Should Prepare

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Country wedding is one of the biggest wedding theme trends last year. But for this year, many couples are set to combine the theme with outdoor concept. With these ideas below, you can make your own wedding with country wedding ideas.

  1. Outdoor country wedding ideas: Location

To hold an amazing country wedding theme, usually you will use one of these three types of venue which are a typically English manor house with beautiful gardens filled with flowers so you can set up garden games for all of your guests, a country barn with lights wrapped around the beams, or a tent reception with hay bales for seating. But because you want to have a wedding outdoor, the locations for your country wedding can be backyard, forest, garden, tent, or camping areas for their guests and live music.

  1. Outdoor country wedding ideas: Clothes

From the decorations through the bridesmaid dresses, you can use either pastel shades or floral prints which is suited to country wedding dress. The bride maid, and female guests can use floral prints for their dress such as roses, daisies, and pansies. Lavender, pink, lemon, and turquoise are the perfect color for this theme. For shoes, just wear heels with nude color and keep minimalist with less hair accessories. But flower crown is not a bad idea.

For the bride herself, go for a country look by considering a short or tea-length wedding dress. To make the wedding dress look fun, then add a colored underskirt with matching shoes. The hair accessories is put real flowers in hair or wear pearl accessories. You can get the modern look with chunky pearls. The boho bride can have some wedding wellies on your hand for your wedding reception. You will also need white umbrellas because you hold your wedding outdoor.

  1. Outdoor country wedding ideas: Decoration

The guests will notice even some little decorations so make sure put your effort to decorate the venue with these country inspired ideas. You can decorate the venue with handmade decorations which are inspired by Cath Kidston style and spread them all around the venue.  You can also decorate it with raffia-tied jam which filled with mine eggs or chocolate balls. If you are looking for cheap yet cheerful decoration ideas, you can attach a place card to a shiny red or green apple and lay a sprig of lavender on the napkins. The floral bouquet for country style wedding is handpicked flowers.

  1. Outdoor country wedding ideas: Tea and Cake

Outdoor country wedding will always perfect with afternoon tea! Don’t bring traditional dessert on the table, instead put a tiered cake stand in each table and filled it with muffins, cupcake, and scones so the guests can choose the cake. Don’t forget a pot of tea and coffee to have a great afternoon tea in your wedding. To make the atmosphere more cheerful, you can set up a table and ask guests to bring their homemade goodies and then the bride and groom can announce the first, second, and third prize for the winners before cutting their own wedding cake.

  1. Outdoor country wedding ideas: Wedding Car

Don’t go to your ceremony or reception with a traditional vintage car. Give your wedding a little more authentic, ride a tractor! But make sure you give it a good clean before ride it so don’t end up with a muddy dress. A good summer weather and ride a tractor is the absolute eco-friendly way to arrive at your ceremony or reception.

  1. Outdoor country wedding ideas: Entertainment

Country wedding will always have country music or a live folk band for their wedding. The fun upbeat entertainment will get everyone on their feet.

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