Non Traditional Wedding Vows

Saying Non Traditional Wedding Vows to Make Your Marriage More Interesting

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Happy wedding day! Oops maybe it has not your day yet, huh? I am sure that most of people who are interested in reading this article are about to be a husband or wife. Well, before changing your name from groom ad bride become husband and wife, you need to do something ceremonial which is wedding or marriage. In that marriage or wedding process, both of you and your partner would have to make a vow. Yes, a statement to unite you both or let us say that vow is such a promise that you say as a feeling of honor and happy or grateful to be each other’s couple and being united that day. Moreover you are going to be together the day after that and run your life together hand in hand. However, vows that are being stated by many of the couples are too ‘main stream’ or too common to be said. You know? Sometimes there are couples who want their marriage process to be more creative and interesting so they want to add Non Traditional wedding vows in their marriage.

So, I want you to know that there are so many romantic wedding vows that is made based on what the couple thought. They make it up and say it in front of many people in the wedding ceremony.

Making Up Your Own Wedding Vows

Basically, vows are the representation of hopes coming from both of you after the marriage. Yes every country has culture or laws what statement that the couple is supposed to say as vows. However you can add your own words other than the legal statement legitimated by laws to make your wedding ceremony become more valuable, or romantic and interesting in the eye of the family or many people that you invite to the wedding. Besides it would be also able to create the feelings and bring the feeling of the entire invited people to the feeling of you and your couple that day with your own romantic wedding vows. Because with that as Non Traditional wedding vows, the people will not bored and they would no longer see that as only a ceremonial process but also as a real promise and declarations from the couple to live happily together ever after.

The example of the traditional vow that is taken from Christian culture which is the most popular vow in the world sounds “I, (name), take you, (name), to be my lawfully wedded (husband/wife), to have and to hold, from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, until death do us part” Wedding vows Indonesia also have a culture like mostly in Islamic way in their own language. They are not asking ad answering like western culture or Christian culture, but they are saying a statement that they want to marry their couple with the money or anything as the representative of their marriage. Well, those traditional vows can be modified after you do several compulsory law though, so you can make your own romantic wedding vows with your own words which maybe would melt each other’s heart at your wedding day.

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Have you thought how to make it up? For example you can pick the words that relate with your experience with your couple or the words that really represents the condition of both of you. You can say “(Name) the one who never gave me smile the first time we met, yet the one who cares with me the most. Today, with the whole part of my heart I promise to be always with you, smile with you, cry with you. I will sincerely support you and we will always complete each other. Even after our life has ended, we will always be together in this Holy Spirit” You can modify those words using your own words that will impress the audiences and your own bride or groom. That is a pretty good idea to color your wedding ceremony to not be like common ones by saying your own words in Non Traditional wedding vows.

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