New Years Eve Wedding Ideas

Spectacular New Years Eve Wedding Ideas

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Christmas and New Year are getting so much closer; it means that holiday is coming! Yes, holiday certainly becomes one thing that mostly waited by all people. It becomes the days for people to spend their time with their lovely relatives. On holiday, people commonly will travel to some tourist destinations or visiting their families. However, some people also use the holiday for holding some events, such as wedding. Some people commonly holding their weddings coincide with New Year. Getting married on New Year’s Eve surely will be a wonderful moment. It means that the couple will live together. Here are some New Years Eve Wedding ideas to make your wedding day perfect!

1. Venue

In arranging the wedding, venue becomes one of important thing that must be prepared first. New Years Eve wedding commonly will be held until the midnight. However, sometimes it is very limited to find wedding venues that will let the party go until the late at night. But, don’t worry! We provide some list of best New Years Eve wedding venues to make your wedding spectacular!

  • Dartmouth House

Located in Mayfair, London, Dartmouth House is a great and exclusive place for your wedding! There are some rooms which make your wedding become spectacular because of its elegant and beautiful design. Besides, this place offers some wedding packages, such as wedding breakfast, wedding ceremony, and also reception which will make you easier arranging your wedding.

  • Searcys / The Gherkin

The Gherkin is a wonderful place to hold a wedding party! This place will make you have a spectacular wedding ever. For the wedding photograph, The Gharkin surely gives stunning view which will make it become the unforgettable one.

  • Wyboston Lakes

Wyboston Lakes has a beautiful view for the wedding party. Here, you can choose some wedding venues which have stunning lakeside settings.

Those are some perfect wedding venues in New Years Eve. Holding a wedding in those places surely will make your wedding becomes spectacular and unforgettable. However, if you want to minimize the budget, you can choose your backyard and decorating it with New Years Eve accessories for your wedding.

2. Decoration

Decoration is another thing must be considered in arranging a wedding. In making the guests feel the New Years Eve atmosphere, you must prepare well about the decoration. New Years Eve wedding colors are commonly related with gold or silver. Some gold or color lightning will be perfect for New Years Eve wedding decorations. Beside, you can also put some candles on the guest table. It would be so much better if you pick gold spoon and fork as the dinner equipment. If you want a simple decoration, you can choose gold and silver ribbon color for the decoration. For the flowers, white roses, gerbera, or tulips will be perfect for New Years Eve wedding flowers. It will make the decoration looks elegant and classic. Moreover, if you hold your wedding outdoor, you can use some lanterns or lampions for the decorations, and also wedding send off. Lanterns surely will make the decoration spectacular and romantic.

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3. Wedding send off

Wedding send off or wedding exit is one of special moment for wedding couple. This event is commonly done after the ceremony or when the wedding reception end. For this special event, instead of using flowers or rice, you can use sparklers for your wedding send off. Sparkler is much related with New Year eve: therefore it will give more New Year eve atmosphere in your wedding. You can put a sparkler one each guest table, then ask them to use it while exit moment. Moreover, if you have a lot of budget, you can also use fireworks shows for the wedding send off. It is not only will make the moment become unforgettable but also will looks good on photograph

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