Low Budget Wedding Ideas

How to Design Low Budget Wedding Ideas

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Wedding day is your chance to express yourself. You need to make more movements in order to make a memorable moment with your family and friends. For making your wedding a fun celebration with your family and pals, you will need to do some preparations. Choosing wedding venue, makeup artist, catering, décor, entertainment and wedding favor will be really important. But, above all of those homework, you will need to design low budget wedding ideas. Indeed, as your wedding is your happy moment, you must want to give the best for the loved ones. But, you should also consider about the expenditure in your big day.

Tips to Save Money on Wedding Day

So, how can you save money in your wedding day? Actually, there are plenty tips and tricks that will help you in making your dream wedding come true, even with limited budget. The key is to keep your wedding celebration with your closest ones. This will cut enough expenditure, making your wedding more affordable and will not bother your financial condition as the newlyweds! So, here are some low budget wedding ideas you can apply in your big day.

  1. The first, most important thing is to limit your wedding guests. This might seem unfair for some colleagues, but you need to save those pennies, brides! You better keep with your closest circles. The family, both of you and your partner’s big family should be invited. This is also recommended for the best friends. Don’t put the old friends from junior high school to your guest list, unless they are really close to you. Reducing the number of wedding guests will be perfect for low budget wedding ideas that will be really helpful for the young brides and grooms.
  2. Hold your wedding in the house. As you have decided to have inexpensive wedding reception ideas, the home wedding should be considered at the first place. The wedding should be warm, cozy and lovely with your family and closest friends. The wedding will be fun since you will not have to hold it in a particular, rented building. The home wedding will also make the guests feel more comfortable. If you hold the reception at night, you can even design the wedding which is cozy, magical and fun. Consider having barbecue in your wedding!
  3. Flower is indeed so beautiful and one of the most important parts in wedding reception. But, the budget for flower is overwhelming, especially for the fresh flowers. So, you can skip the flower for your wedding. Choose the decoration which is more affordable like paper flowers or even the decoration made from paper. This is recommended so you can cut expense in your unique wedding ideas on a budget.
  4. Design your own wedding invitation! Nowadays, you can use many image processing software that will help you in designing your own wedding invitation. Yes, choosing the wedding card from the designer will be expensive. So, consider making your own wedding invitation. If you are not a pro in graphic design, you can choose the one which is simple but still looked elegant. This is recommended for you to improve the beauty of your wedding.
  5. The groomsmen and bridesmaids are indeed your best friends. So, they must know how you handle the financial condition in your wedding preparation. Just be honest to them and you can skip the groomsmen and bridesmaids gifts. This is simple but will bring lots of effect in making your low budget wedding ideas come true.

So, why don’t you plan your wedding day preparation now? This will be a great moment for cutting off those extra expenses!

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