Home Wedding Ideas with Low Budget

6 Home Wedding Ideas with Low Budget Plan

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If you’re thinking about hold a wedding ceremony or reception in your house to reduce your budget, there several ideas and tips to hold a home wedding.

Home wedding ideas and tips

  1. Think about the place

First you have to consider the space. If you have a small house then you will make sure that the room has enough space for every guest that come to the wedding. You can also consider using bigger home of family member or a close friend if they’re agree to the idea. You might also consider the backyard. But you must have an indoor alternative in case the weather get worse.  The best thing about getting married in your own home is you will get the flexibility to get things ready in advance. You can talk about the place to rental or catering company because they will help you answer the question before you make a decision. They know how much space that you will need to set up the booths, tables, and a dance floor. And they will obviously suggest options that fit the best you your visions and space constraint.

  1. Clean your home

You will need to make your home spotless if you’re getting married in your own home. Spent a whole week to clean your home. There are 2 home wedding ideas for cleaning, either you clean it yourself if you are on budget or hire a cleaning company. If you have money, hiring a cleaning company to do all of the deep cleaning is the best option.

  1. Decorate it

Time to decorate your home! Think about the ideas. There are many home wedding ideas such as simple, elegant, vintage, country, floral, etc. each idea comes with different flowers, chairs, photo frames, catering choices, centerpieces, and more. We recommend creating a cheerful atmosphere along with a spotless house. You can cheer your home up through lighting and decoration. You can filled your home with tea lights using lamps instead of overhead lights. You might also consider hung a ton of white lanterns. Buying affordable cute flowers and placed them in pretty vintage vases is also a good idea and can reduce your budget too! The best tip is to get ready with the decorations a week before your wedding.

  1. Rent a tent

Tip for home wedding is rent a tent! This is important in case the weather get worse and it can also provide the guests with much shelter from simple things such as too much sun or a light breeze. Tent also help to keep the decoration not break or blow away. Tent is great for both home and backyard wedding for large and small venue.

  1. Light it up

Because you hold a ceremony in your home and backyard, you can light up the space with many beautiful strands of lights as many as you want. Home wedding ideas for lighting are stringing the lights throughout the ceiling of the tent, wraps the lights around trees, hanging Chinese lanterns, place candles on table and chairs. Lighting for home wedding is worth the upgrade almost everytime.

Other ideas such as Small Intimate Wedding Ideas might be a consideration for you
  1. Personalize your home

Because it’s your home then personalize it! Personalize your home with the kind of intimate details such as hang polaroids of you two on the walls, displays your baby photos or engagement photos. Decorate your walls, chairs, tables, tress with memorabilia which is meaningful for you two. Decorate each room in your home, for instance, you can leave something special such as cologne of perfume along with framed photos of you and your fiancé or wedding-related things.

That’s 6 home wedding ideas and tips. Happy wedding!

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