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Unique Camouflage Wedding Ideas

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Wedding becomes the main goal for every couple. In celebrating their wedding party, every couple certainly has their wedding dream. Mostly, some couple want to make their wedding become a perfect and luxury one. They commonly will do anything in making their wedding dream become a reality. Some of them are willing to hire a party planner or wedding organizer in making their wedding become perfect. However, there is also some couple who celebrate their wedding in simple and ordinary way.

In arranging the wedding, whether in luxury or simple way, one important that must be considered is a theme. Most couple is commonly will pick a common theme, such as modern, vintage, romantic, traditional, and others. To make your wedding different from others, actually there is a unique theme which you can use on your wedding. Camo wedding idea themes are the popular theme that many people start to use these days. Camouflage wedding is a wedding which where the all the things in the wedding related with camouflage. Couples who use this theme are commonly makes their wedding full of camo wedding decoration. Also, they create and design their own wedding dress and rings with camouflage touch. Still don’t get about camouflage wedding? Let us give you some unique camouflage wedding ideas.

1. Decoration

Decoration is one important thing in every wedding party. People commonly hire the party planner in order to decor the wedding venue, so their wedding day can be perfect and unforgettable. For the decoration, the camo theme uses a lot of natural stuff, such as leaves, tree, pine cones, and others to give marvelous atmosphere. Couples who choose camo wedding theme are commonly host the wedding ceremony or reception in the outdoor, such as garden, park, or woods. Those place is can be a great choice for camo wedding ideas for fall, because the leaves and the tree can develop the natural atmosphere for the camo theme. In decorating the venue with camo theme, you need a lot of creativity in decorating the place. Choose some camo wedding idea decorations with natural material, such as twig, leaves, straw, bamboo, wood, and others. You may also decorate your wedding tables with some wood pattern stuff. Here are some examples of wonderful camouflage wedding decoration

 2. Wedding Clothes

For the wedding clothes of the bride and the groom, they commonly use some color such as brown, green, white, and other natural colors. Some designers mostly design the camouflage wedding dress and suit with some camouflage pattern and motif like the soldier uniform, leaves, ranting, or woods. They also make the camouflage wedding dress for the flower girl.

3. Camo Wedding Cake

Just like the wedding dress and suit, cammo wedding cake also has camouflage pattern. However, the camouflage pattern is only on one side of the cake, and for the another side, it is decorated as the traditional wedding cake. For the camouflage side, it is commonly decorated just like the tree or oak. You can also add some natural element decoration such as synthetic leaves or flowers, wood stumps, and others.

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4. Camo Wedding Rings

If the wedding rings are commonly typical with beautiful design with diamond, camo wedding rings have different design. For the camouflage wedding rings, it is commonly has military-style pattern. Some designers also make some special design for the hikers, hunters, fishers, and other outdoor lovers. There are also rings with some patterns such as real tree, oaks, animal track, and so forth.

Camouflage wedding ideas certainly can be a great choice for you who want to have unusual wedding theme. This camo wedding theme can be a perfect choice for the couple who like country style or have hobbies like hunting, hiking, fishing or camping in the woods. So, let planning your camouflage wedding and make your wedding day become a unique one!

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