1st Wedding Anniversary Ideas

1st Wedding Anniversary Ideas for Romantic Moments

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Love is something you have to keep. You have to make sure that your love with your partner will last long and thus you will find your love life amazing. There are lots of things that you have to do if you want to keep your love in harmony. Especially in your early years of marriage, you have to build a strong foundation for your marriage. The 1st wedding anniversary ideas will be good to celebrate. You don’t have to celebrate it elegantly. Just keep the anniversary sweet and memorable for you and your partner. Thus, you will have a perfect love life in the future.

The Paperversary

Traditionally, the 1st wedding anniversary is called as Paperversary. Yes, the 1st anniversary is symbolized with paper. The traditional believes will get you and your partner to exchange the gifts in the form of paper. Either it is a printed photograph, the car, notebook, favorite novels, this all should be related to paper. However, ‘only’ depending to paper-based wedding anniversary gift doesn’t mean you don’t have more chances to make it more romantic. You need to make best memorable 1st wedding anniversary ideas. However, you will only celebrate the 1st wedding anniversary once in a lifetime!

So, what do you have to do when you want to hold a romantic wedding anniversary celebration in your first year anniversary? The first is the gift. As it is paper based, you will need to choose something which is made from paper that your partner love. If your partner love reading books, don’t hesitate to buy him or her the book series that is being collected. Besides of giving a perfect gift for feeding the hobby, this will also show how you pay attention to what they like and what they want. But, if your partner don’t like to read, you can choose something more artistic as your 1st wedding anniversary ideas by making your handmade photo scrapbooks.

Scrapbook has been saving many people who don’t know what to give for their partner in their 1st wedding anniversary. All you have to do is to collect the photographs of you and your partner and arrange them as you like. To make it more romantic, you can also add the one year wedding anniversary quotes. The quotes will bring happiness if you choose the one which express how gratitude and happy you are in one year of your togetherness. You can also find the paper wedding anniversary to be a fun thing as you can also make unique cards scattered in your house, giving your partner a hint to your surprise in your wedding anniversary celebration.

So, what about having a trip as your surprise? Although the marriage is still new and young, you will need to spend more time together as husband and wife. Prepare a short trip to the nearest beach. You can save money for having the best room in the hotel. If necessary, you can make it your second honeymoon, too! Bring the romance to the air as you get best surprise as first anniversary trip ideas for your partner. If you don’t have time for a short trip, just book a hotel room in the city and spend the days exploring culinary street foods in your city.

Indeed, having a perfect 1st wedding anniversary is not easy. But, this doesn’t mean that you cannot make your dream 1st wedding anniversary ideas come true. You just have to prepare your wedding anniversary surprise perfectly. Not only you have to prepare the gift and surprise, you will also prepare other things like foods, transportation and more attentions for your partner. Make sure that your wedding anniversary will be fun and romantic!

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